Big Bend 2010

We head for Rio Grande Village campground where we have a reservation.
Turned out that there were several/many sites open each night, in spite
of the NPS web warning that everything would be full.

The weather was what we wanted and came for.  T-shirts and shorts.

The next day we take it easy--after 950 miles from Boulder.  In
the afternoon, we hike the 4 miles from the campground to the
hot springs.  The trail can't go along the river because of a
little canyon, so it climbs up away from the river

Here's looking back at Rio Grande Village--store, RV park and campground

Looking up-river (west) to the vicinity of the hot springs

Lots of choices of needles and spines

After 9/11, the border was "closed"--so no going across the river to little villages for a nice patio lunch of real Mexican food. However, those clever folks sneak over and put displays of trinkets for sale along the trails--usually about 100 feet past where a ranger would turn around

It had been a cold winter, so flowers were delayed. The main thing blooming were the yuccas

The hot springs (105 degrees) was very nice. Unfortunately, the four miles back over the trail wore it off