Syncro Safari  2001
                     Baja California

September:	Mark Drillock puts out the announcement for a Thanksgiving
		trip to beautiful places he knows in Baja.

November 15-16  1150 miles on I-70 and I-15 to Oceaside, California, just
		north of San Diego.

November 17	7 am, three Syncros head south to Baja: Mark, Peter Buettner
		from San Francisco and the Joneses.  In the afternoon we
		catch up with Steve and Kate who had left the day before.
		After dark we arrive at Bahia de Los Angeles and camp on
		the beach.  We get up at 1:30 to watch the meteor shower
		which was fabulous.  Actually, it continued the next night, too.

November 18-20	Beach days; kayaking, fishing, eating, sunning, eating,
		swimming, eating.  Marks grills fish and Steve makes ceviche.
		Life is good....

November 20	Peter stays at LA Bay and the others drive to San Ignacio
		for showers and food, then Santa Rosalia for supplies, then
		to beautiful Punta Chivato beach.

November 21-22	Beach days at Punta Chivato.

November 22	Thanksgiving.  Mark head back to LA Bay, Peter and his
		boat.  We head S to Mulege, showers and Thanksgiving dinner
		at Hotel Serenidad.

November 23-24	N in Baja, camping in the beautiful desert of rocks and
		plants at Rancho Santa Inez at Catavina, then on to
		Ensenada and more tamales, then 2:02 wait to cross the

November 25-26  Interstates to Boulder.  Snow and dangerous roads in
		Utah; dinner at Mom's Cafe in Salina.  15 degrees 
		crossing the San Rafael Swell and the Rockies.  Dumping
		snow in Vail.  ;-)

		Total:  3800 miles


Kudos to Mark for organizing and leading Syncro Safari 2001 and sharing some of the secrets of Baja California. What a wonderful way to learn about Baja, compared to heading south with only a guidebook....