Death Valley-Buses By the Bridge
		        January 2009

From Shoshone, we came into the south end of Death Valley.  We stopped
at the pass that finally lets you see down into DV

First stop was the Ashford Mill site

After snow and ice and lousy driving the day before, this was pretty good!

On to Bad Water, lowest place in North America. All our days were crystal clear and sunny

The NPS thoughtfully put a sign on the hill above to mark sea level

Susie at Bad Water

The Bad Syncro Bros at Bad Water

Time was ticking--the sun sets about 4:30 because of the mountains, so we headed north up the Valley to the campground in the north end, near Scotty's Castle. Just as we pulled in, the sun was setting and the biggest moon of recent times was rising, Saturday, January 10, 2009