Dinosaur, May '09

My daughter gave me a book on Dinosaur Nat'l Monument a couple of
years ago, so the seed was planted....

I wanted a trip where we could say "This is what Syncro
Westies were made for."

I laid out a week-long trip circumnavigating Dinosaur NM 
counterclockwise.  The plan:  Maybell, Colorado, to Maybell.

[Maybell holds the record for the coldest temp in Colorado:
-61 degrees F on February 1, 1982.]

The start was just one of my usual trip starts--it was snowing at the tunnel

At least it was melting on the road. On the W side of the tunnel, things looked better. Here's Buffalo Peak
On the Colorado's west slope, all the fruit trees were in full bloom. Here's an old apple orchard just N of Rifle

Just to the west is the Roan Plateau--where everybody is fighting over drilling for gas vs protecting the wildlife and wilderness. I just know there is a Syncro trip up there!

OK, continuing....