Dinosaur, May '09

North of Meeker and south of Craig, I cut off to the NW to connect to the Yampa River

This is BIG country--and nobody knows it. I sure didn't-- and I've lived in Colorado for (only) 46 years

This is almost all BLM land

Out in the middle of nowhere--or at least close--there was a big herd of sheep

Further west I came to the perfect example of why you DO NOT drive these roads when it is ABOUT to rain, it IS raining, or it HAS JUST rained. They are dust, except when they are mud. I followed this fellow's tracks for a mile or so--and saw he turned around to try to get out. This same senario over and over during our week. This road is "frozen mud"--ready to turn to dust again.

We had delayed our trip 3 days because of rain. The roads were just dry enough. Bob had driven one area that LOOKED dry, but was mud under the dry crust. Be warned!

After miles and miles of miles and miles I came to the Yampa River--the only tributary in the whole Colorado River basin that is not damned--or dammed

The original plan was to meet at Juniper Hot Springs-- east, up the Yampa, from Maybell. However, the web had revealed that it was closed--and for sale. There were some salescalves waiting for me

Here's the springs; we met fellows in Echo Park from Steamboat who said they had been there many times in the old days. Maybe those days will come again....

Continuing the adventure....