Climbing volcanoes in Mexico, January '96

PNJ in Amecameca after the big storm, 12/31. Iztaccihuatl (17,342') (7th highest peak in N America) in background.

Popo from San Pedro (17,887') (5th highest peak. in N America) with crowds coming to see the snow.

market in Amecameca.

Izta from Amecameca at sunset with full moon.

Pico de Orizaba from Tlachichuca plaza (18,700') (3rd highest peak in N America).

Pico de Orizaba at sunset from Sr Reyes's compound.

Climbers ready to leave on Sr Reyes's Power Wagons.

Hidalgo--the highest village in N America at ~12,000'. Note the unusual (for Mexico) wooden roofs.

Pietra Grande Hut at 14,000' on Orizaba.

Route on Orizaba from hut.

VW bus in Puebla ;-)

Popo from Paseo de Cortes--fumes visible.

PNJ on break on Izta (~14,500').

Republica de Chile Hut (15,600') on Izta.

RAJ on Izta summit, sunrise--note wild snowboard pants borrowed from companion.

PNJ on Izta summit--this is a BIG mtn.

Popo from summit of Izta at sunrise.

PNJ taking it easy.

The whole story.

Link to the caretakers of the Mexican huts, Grupo de los Cien. Compare the photo on their homepage to Pietra Grande Hut above!

What happens when you open the scanner and start to remove the photo too soon!