April 27-May 4, 2006

	Mtn biking and Syncro camping
	   with Bob Stevens

Leaving I-70 at the Cisco exit, heading down Utah 128 to the
Colorado River, the "back way" into Moab:

The last time I drove this road, about 1982, this is the bridge I used. Now Dewey Bridge is restored and historic and only the Kokopeli Trail bikers cross it:

I have long been curious exactly where and how the Dolores River joins the Colorado. I spotted where the canyon joins the Colorado about a mile above Dewey Bridge. I drove SE from the bridge a mile on a county road, then took the track that leads down to one of two fords on the Dolores:

There is a whole lot 'o country across the river that is accessible only by this or the second ford--much later in the season! (The ford enters the water and makes a right- angle turn to the other shore)

Along the track back to the road, I spotted a couple of old graves:

Back on the river road heading to Moab, there is a fine view of Fisher Towers and the La Sal Mtns:

On to the next adventure....