Fruita/Gateway/Polar Mesa/Moab
		October '09

	The Syncro Brothers--Moab (again)

Bob and I couldn't lure any suckers into joining us at the
Diamond Field to look for diamonds, rubies and emeralds.
See the Syncro Bros in Dinosaur

In fact, Bob didn't want to go, either.  When I looked at
the weather there--45/25 degrees and chance of snow--and
compared with Fruita/Moab--68/45, sunny--I headed to Fruita.

My usual trip has snow on Vail Pass--check almost any previous
trip report--like Dinosaur--but this day I had spectacular mountains.  They
were making snow at Loveland Basin

Atlantic and Pacific Peaks at Copper Mountain

The mtn biking camping area at Fruita was only 1/4 full and the morning was beautiful

Must be time for a ride

The steep--STEEP--part of Joe's Ridge

On to the next adventure....