Utah--March 9-13, 2005

The weather looked good for a few days--and warm enough
in the lower country, so Koko and I headed for the Robbers
Roost area, which is W of the Colorado/Green Rivers, E of
Hanksville, S of I-70, NE of the Dirty Devil River.

Just south of I-70 is the San Rafael Desert, which
gives way moving south to higher country--Robbers
Roost Flats and the Hans Flats area which is the
gateway to the Maze area of Canyonlands NP.

The real trip starts 8 hours after leaving Boulder 
at the turnoff on Utah 24 nearly opposite to the road to
Gobblin Valley State Park:

There is a great view of the La Sal Mtns, E of Moab about 60 miles away:

Driving hard for an hour got me to Robbers Roost Flats, and failing light, so I stopped at Granery Spring just at sunset for the night:

The spring is down in a canyon, but there are some old ranch buildings around: