Westy stove electronic ignition

		August 2017

I saw a Westy at Syncro Solstice 2017 from British Columbia that
had piezo ignition.  I don't remember the person's name....  He
had some other neat mods; I don't remember them either....

But the piezo ignition stuck in my mind, especially since Susie
has trouble with the stick butane lighters.

So I looked around on the web to learn what parts were available.

Then I went to McGuckin's Hardware in Boulder and bought ($12.50):

These are the only parts I used:
Actually I bought two packages because I needed two of the igniters--the white insulated tube with the electrode sticking out--with a 90 deg bend. [The principal igniter for a grill has a long straight electrode that is fitted into a carrier and installed in the grill.] I needed the "side burner electrode" which is short and has a 90 deg bend. It fits the Westy stove space perfectly. I removed the front panel of the stove. Instructions
Here is the inside of the stove:

I wanted to place the igniter so that it didn't cover the warning message so I decided to put it just to the left and down from the valve knob. Here is the front panel before I drilled a 3/4" hole:

Here is the push-button igniter installed:

That was not a good location because of the sheet metal box around the burners. You can see where I had to cut and bend some away so the igniter would fit. Better to have put it at the far left, bottom corner of the panel-- or cover up some of the warning. I drilled two holes for each electrode and installed them:

Here is a closeup of one:

I got two stainless steel screws at McGuckin's--40 cents each. So I'm down $25.80 so far.
Here is the finished installation:

It works flawlessly. Turn on the gas and push the button and it lights--either burner. To light the other, turn on the gas and push the button. Why didn't I do this fifteen years ago?