Turkey, September '09

VWs in Turkey....  They are ALL TDI, both T4s and T5s,
and Caddys and everything else.  Virtually everything
is diesel and all must be TDI or equivalent.  No smell
anywhere of diesel exhaust; and they are quiet.

Caddy:  I remember these in Europe as being panel vehicles,
made for the trades.  They have been up-scaled to small
passenger vans.  Seats 4-5.  Lots of them on the road.  No
minivans, though; this is the Turkish VW minivan.

And here the competition. Maybe a little larger. This is the car that Ford is now bringing into the US under the name Transit Connect. In Turkey, it is the Tourneo. There are LOTS of them. The ones Ford is importing are made in Turkey, but they have also started making them in Romania.

OK, how about T3s? I saw THREE T-threes. Two were German hitop campers. The third was passed quickly on a highway and I couldn't see much except it was a passenger van. Well, T4s. There are still quite a few of these on the road in Turkey. But here was one from Great Britain. Must have been from the continent, though, because it was LHD. It had the double-layer plastic windows.

The windows open out from the bottom, hinged at the top.

I saw two Syncros. One in a parking lot in Ankara, silver. Couldn't stop to see it. This one, black, in the airport parking lot at Bodrum. It looks like it hasn't been driven for a while, it is so dirty.

OK, continuing....