On to T5s.  Lots of these in Turkey.  Silver, white and
black.  Caravelles (7-8-10 passenger versions) and

Note that the side panel is one piece--no seam to rust as the T3s and T4s. Also the side window treatment is very sleek.

Another one with a very common rear bumper.

Another difference--the sliding door track is back to the style of T3s, instead of the exposed track on the T4s. Also the handles are horizontal again, not vertical. All rears are hatches; no double doors anymore like some T3s.

We rode in a black T5 Transporter to the Ankara airport at 4 am. Amazing how quiet and deserted a city of 5 million can be that early. The T5 rode and sounded a lot like a T3. Plus the interior treatment is still similar. Nothing fancy like the Japanese, with seats folding down into the footwells. VW is still VW.... Continuing....