Yellow Cat Camp
	 September '08

Last spring, Stephen and I found a beautiful camp spot on
the slickrock in the Yellow Cat area north east of Arches
Nat'l Park, Utah.  See:

Stephen and I wanted to go back and explore more.  Lots of
hiking into Arches from the N and E sides.  So Stephen and
Shawn along with Steve Hoge and Kate Bernhart made a plan
to meet there for a few days.

I came first, and explored the old US 6 from Mack, Colorado,
to the first ranch exit in Utah.  I drove US 6 from Grand
Junction to Benton Jct, California, a couple of times in
the early sixtes, heading to college in California--in
a Renault Dauphine(!)  [In those days, the "t" in Renault
was pronounced....]

There is an old state line marker there, probably from the 30s.

Along Yellow Cat Road, which arcs from I-70 south and then back to I-70, there is an area named "The Poison Stip"--and I climbed a mesa to get a view to the south--the Yellow Cat area and Arches

I should have driven up the track--it was Syncro Ready, but I was also looking for crystals and wanted to poke around. No crystals.... OK, on to camp....