Yellow Cat Camp '08

Stephen et al were not at the slick rock camp when I rolled in. I expected them soon. No show. In the morning I decided that something must have happened, but no cell phone messages, so I drove around to the E to hike in the Lost Spring Canyon area that was added to Arches recently. A gas pipeline cuts through Arches, and one way down into Salt Wash is to follow it

This is steeper and longer than it looks--especially in upper 80s temps. Here is the opposite side of Salt Wash where the pipeline heads up to cut right through the heart of Arches--just S of the campground

I hiked down Salt Wash on old cattle trails, heading for the junction with Lost Spring Canyon. But as I got close, the cattle trails petered out in an area of deep ravines and gullies. I decided to head back to check the upper end of Lost Spring Canyon

Heading back up the steep pipeline cut, I saw this cute collared lizard

Continuing the adventure....