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October '17--Marco & I visit Comanche Nat'l Grasslands
September '17--running(driving) from the wind and cold in SE Utah with Bob Stevens
August '17--installation of electronic ignition for the Westy stove
August '17--a fishing trip to Saguache Park with Nate
May '17--a trip to Syncro Solstice near Moab--50+ VW vans in the desert
April '17--yet another trip to Comb Ridge looking at Anasazi roads
April '17--some fun around Moab

November '16--another trip to Comb Ridge to look for Anasazi roads
October '16--Marco explores Anasazi ruins in Comb Ridge & Cedar Mesa with Anne & Mark Drillock and Bob Stevens
September '16--a fishing adventure that turned into an adventure fishing to Saguache Park
June '16--Rose's Cabin & Big Blue Creek near Lake City
June '16--a hike up No Name Creek
May '16--Marco revisits Thompson Creek fins near Glenwood Springs
May '16--Syncro Solstice near Moab

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April '16--a trip to Puebla, Mexico--detective work
April '16--a weekend at Valley View Hot Springs
February '16--a CMC trip to Yellowstone Nat'l Park

October '15--a visit to 4 Corners and Comb Ridge, Utah
October '15--a drive over Independence Pass
June '15--a trip into Saguache Park and the La Garita Caldera area
May '15--Syncro Solstice 2015 near Moab--60 Vanagons for fun

Dec '14--Brainard Lake Winter Recreation map and accurate GPS tracks of the Waldrop & Little Raven Trails
Dec '14--Peter's new book
Oct '14--a trip to Dead Horse Point State Park and Glenwood Springs
Sept '14--a hike up Mt Snowdon
Sept '14--a narrow boat canal trip in England & Wales
Sept '14--VWs in England and Wales
July '14--Marco and his favorite position
June-July '14--a trip over Medano Pass and into the La Garita Mtns to see a Fremont camp and Wheeler Geologic Area
March-April '14--a trip to Ecuador including the Galapagos Islands

December '13--a twisted tail of Xmas--a VW bus hallucination
December '13--tour of the control room of the Hanging Lake Tunnels in Glenwood Canyon
October '13--a trip to the Comanche Nat'l Grasslands and the Sand Creek Massacre site
July-August '13, a train ride in the Canadian Rockies and fireworks in Vancouver, then Alaska by boat, train and car.
July '13, the world's best dog, Koko, 2002-2013
June '13, camping in the Poudre Canyon and the strip between the Poudre and Wyoming. Wild flowers!
May 30, 2013, Will's Tenth Birthday
May '13, Syncro Solstice near Moab, plus Dinosaur and Mesa Verde
Jan '13, our trip to Buses by the Bridge, Lake Havasu City, AZ

Oct '12, the Syncro Bros with friend Stephen explore Comb Ridge
Sept '12, the Syncro Bros ride Monarch Crest to celebrate their 70th birthdays

August '12, a trip to Iceland, Sweden and Norway

July '12, Syncro Safari '12, Canyon de Chelly, Arizona
June '12, Mr Bus has a spa day and looks as good a new!
May '12, Syncro Solstice, 50+ Vanagons gather near Moab
April '12, A trip to the Mojave Nat'l Preserve
Jan '12, Buses by the Bridge, and desert camping, Valley of Fire, Mojave Preserve, plus Hoover Damn

Dec '11, Ramer Skis, ~1985
Sept-Oct '11, Vanagons gather at Antelope Island in the Great Salt Lake
August '11, Syncro Safari 'll, Pacific coast--Pismo Beach dunes, Big Sur, Half Moon Bay
June '11, Medano Pass
May '11, a trip to Pawnee Nat'l Grasslands
April '11, biking, driving, hiking in Fruita & Moab with Bob and Dave
Photos--mine with some of Bob's and Dave's
Bob's videos and the best video of El Jefe climbing the Mineral Bottom switch-backs

Dec '10, Porsche Uncrunched

Mounting XC bindings on snowshoes
November '10, the Syncro Bros visit Beef Basin, Utah. This is a selection of both our pix.

Boulder graffiti--rats flee California to Colorado--now sadly removed by the graffiti cops
October '10, videos of the Cumbres & Toltec narrow gauge train--last run of 2010

September/October '10, trip to the Henry Mtns, Utah
September '10, trip along the Colorado/Wyoming border to the Diamond Field

August '10, trip to Germany and Italy
August '10 Porsche Crunch

July '10 Syncros near Gunnison
March '10 Big Bend Nat'l Park

October '09 Fruita & Moab
September '09, Joneses visit Eda and Turkey
and VWs in Turkey
May '09, The Syncro Bros do Dinosaur Nat'l Monument
April '09, Moab
January '09, trip to Death Valley and Buses By the Bridge

The Terraces 911, Glenwood Springs
September '08, camping in the Yellow Cat N of Arches Nat'l Park
September '08, success in finding Fremont's Christmas Camp on the third attempt
July '08, Fremont camps
Vitrifrigo fridge installation
July '08--T33a crash site
June '08--trip to Croatia (Montenegro & Slovenia, too)
May '08--Porsche road trip to North and South Dakota to see buffalo babies
May '08--San Rafael Swell
Dewey Bridge, Utah, Sunday, April 13, 2008
March '08-- Syncro Safari '08 Moab
January '08-- Buses By the Bridge, Lake Havasu City, Arizona

Syncro alignment tool
Misc VW stuff

September '07-- Mountain biking the Monarch Crest trail with Bob Stevens and Kathryn Grosscup
August '07--Hagerman Pass
August '07--Flat Tops --Devil's Causeway
June '07--Rocky Mtn Treffen, organized by Rocky Mtn Westies in Fort Collins
April '07--the Syncro Brothers in Moab

September '06--a mtn biking weekend at Fruita
August & September '06--Looking for Fremont Camps

CWB obituary

April/May '06--Moab--syncro adventures and mtn biking with Bob Stevens
February '06--Arizona Bus Roundup

June-July '05 trip to Montana and Wyoming: Pie, flowers & wild horses
May '05 trip to Belgium and Luxembourg
April '05 trip to Utah--mtn biking in the San Rafael Swell with Bob Stevens
March '05 trip to Utah--Robbers Roost & San Rafael Desert

Syncro Safari '04, San Juan Mtns, Colorado, August 2004
Trip to Croatia, June/July 2004
Syncro de Mayo (#5) at Hollister Hills, California, April/May 2004

The corner of Cordry Ct and Cordry Ct in Boulder!
The world's best dog, Juno, 1989-2002
Another view

Syncro Safari, Baja California, Thanksgiving 2001
Desert Peaks & Desert Roads--Utah and Nevada (and California), October 2001
El Jefe's first big trip, Utah, May 2001

Mt Whitney, September, 2000
Death Valley camping trip, January '00
Postcard of Boulder, ~1964!
Swasey Peak, Utah, May 1999
Descending Ben Nevis, Scotland, May '98
Storm over Villa Grove, Colorado, August '98
Top of Handies Peak, 1986
Mr Bus at the summit of Nebraska! - 11/95
What to do at Chaco Canyon...when it rains....
Camping in the San Rafael Swell, Utah, May '95
Climbing volcanoes in Mexico, January '96
VW microbus lunch box view 1 and view 2

			Richard A. Jones
                        Boulder, Colorado
                        jones "at" colorado.edu
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