Arizona Bus Roundup - February 17-20, 2006
West side of Cochise Stronghold, Dragoon Mtns, Arizona

How did this event come about?  Thirty five years ago I
headed (in about February) from Boulder to Chiricahua Nat'l
Monument.  I lost a tire in Socorro and at Silver City decided
to turn back.  No spare and no money.  I've wanted to get
there ever since.  Bob Stevens in SLC and I both were getting
cabin fever and decided that heading south was a plan.  Larry
Chase in Tucson and Karl Wolz in Phoenix thought a get-together
was in order, too.  Larry had a great location and put it
out on the web.  Fifteen VW buses showed up!  Two splitties,
a breadloaf and the rest Vanagons.

It was the "land of NO."  No plan, no facilities, no fees,
no activies, no water, no....  Everybody thought it was great!

Thursday, 2/16, snowing in Boulder, 4-5 inches on the
ground, temp about 10 degrees F.  It takes 3+ hours to
get to Colorado Springs where I come out of the storm.
Lunch stop in Pueblo.

Bad noise from the rear. I check, ignore and then decide to really check. Opening the engine lid and starting makes it clear the water pump bearing is full of gravel. I am steered to Moore Automotive, where the owner Ted Skube, who has never worked on a Vanagon, decides to give it a try. 3.5 hours later I am back on the road!

Running late, I opt for a motel in Las Vegas (NM) and head out at 4 am to make up time. Next morning, I-25 near Socorro:

By noon I am in Lordsburg, NM, a one-sided town. The main street parallels the railroad and all the town was behind the businesses. Worse than lunch in Lordsburg, Bob Stevens calls my cellphone to report he is broken down S of Phoenix with a cracked alternator bracket. What is even worse, Bob never made it to the Roundup. We'll have to have another for him.