Buses By the Bridge
	      Lake Havasu City, Arizona 
                 January 18-20, 2008 

It was 17 degrees and snowing when we headed out from Boulder
on Wednesday, January 16.  At the Tunnel it was -4 and Vail
Pass -2.

Eight degrees in Green River, Utah--but Motel 6 was warm. ;-) Finally at St George it was warm enough to wash off the grime and fill the water tank. Thursday night was at Valley of Fire State Park, 40 miles NE of Las Vegas. A very beautiful area and nice campground.

Heading S along Lake Mead, I see a Vanagon in the mirror. Then a Splitty and a Vanagon--then two Splitties and a Vanagon. It is Tom Buese and the SLC contingent. They had camped at Valley of Fire, but had come in later. We were at the last site on the loop, so we didn't know they were hidden around behind the rocks. They didn't know we were hidden around behind the rocks.... Hoover Dam--building a bridge so no one can drive a van(agon) full of plastique on the dam....

Here is the Bridge we were By:

Views of BBB. I think there were ~200 buses--mostly Splitties. Maybe 25 Vanagons and exactly 4 Syncro Westies.

Two perfect buses restored by Tommy of Lake Havasu City. The green one has doors on both sides. The camper is one of the first Westys. No pop-top, but a trap door roof opening. They are both perfect inside and out.
Tommy and Scotty Knox, a Colorado friend from 40 years ago, restored the 23-window bus that was shown at BBB 2 or 3 years ago and then sold for $50,000. Scotty still has the 23-window he bought in 1958, but it is in Colorado. He drives a high-top bay-window around Lake Havasu City in the winter. I've seen his two perfect '53 Porsches in Colorado; my brother used to hang out with Scotty when he raced them in the mid-50s. The temps were in the low 60s in the day and mid-30s at night.

Usual suspects--Vanagon contingent:

Jim Thompson was there selling parts out of his Vanagon. I finally got the one original fridge part I lacked--the bail that holds the bottles in the door tray. Lots of other vendors, plus several buses on trailers for sale. Some of the winners on the final morning:

On to Tucson to visit some Boulder friends who winter there, then S to see Bisbee:

That night camping at the site of the first Arizona Bus Roundup in February '06 to show the beautiful place to Susie: http://jones.colorado.edu/jones/AzBusRoundup

Then over to Stafford Hot Wells, 20 miles N of Bowie. Two wonderful hot tubs in the middle of nowhere with 106 degree water and a primitive BLM campground. Our first use of our new crank-out awning:

A pair of cardinals were around the camp--here's dad:

Here's a view of Stafford Hot Wells the next morning. In the far background trees are some nice camp sites--one occupied by a Westy from British Columbia:

We took a morning soak--and some snow flakes drifted down as we were getting out. More storm on the mtns to the west:

Somebody with humor picks up trash on a two mile stretch of US 90:

Then Silver City and Socorro, New Mexico, and I-25 N to home--where it had been below zero--and a pipe froze. Oh, and my Syncro vibes came back, too. :-(