Fremont's Christmas Camp
	La Garita Mtns, Colorado
	   September '08

This was my third attempt to find Fremont's Christmas Camp
of December 1848.  A second try
had failed--even though I was armed with good BBQ.

Here is the first try
in September '06.

But, the third time is the charm--and I was not going to fail.
I talked to a ranger in the Rio Grande Nat'l Forest office who
directed me to a fellow in the museum in Del Norte.
He provided me with GPS coordiantes of the camp that he had
recorded shortly after my July failure.

He also comfirmed that the camp was hard to find--only a few
stumps remaining and no other evidence visible.

But his GPS coordinates immediately showed why I had failed
twice--I was looking in the wrong place.  The camp site on the
topo map is about 1100 feet from the true camp!

OK, let's go find that camp....