Death Valley camping trip, 20-30 January 2000

2250 miles in Mr Bus, starting at ~126,000

20 January	Boulder-Richfield, Utah.  Cloudy for lunar eclipse.  :-(
21 January	Richfield, Utah--Furnace Creek, Death Valley, California
		via Las Vegas, Tecopa Hot Springs, Shoshone, Bad Water.
22 January	East of Furnace Creek: 20 Mule Team Canyon, Slit Canyon
		behind Hole in the Wall.
23 January	r&r at Furnace Creek.
24 January	Dante's View, more r&r.
25 January	Harmony Borax Works, up to N part of Park,
		back down 29 miles to end of Racetrack Valley--one
		of the most sustained rough roads I've driven.  Either
		the eroded water course for the valley or hard, high
		washboard--or both.  Exactly the worst frequency for
		Vanagon suspension.
26 January	Ubehebe Pk, other branch of Teakettle Junction into
		Hidden Valley, back out to camp at Mesquite Campground.
		From 4pm to 4pm, I was alone in Racetrack Valley.
27 January	Wind, rain during the night; washed one side of Mr Bus.
		Snow on peaks next morning, but air VERY clear.
		Tour of Scotty's Castle, then back down valley, over
		Daylight Pass to Beatty, Nevada, and then Rhyolite.
		Down Titus Canyon and back to Furnace Creek.
28 January	r&r at Furnace Creek.
29 January	Furnace Creek to Salina, Utah, via Zion Canyon road.
		Dinner at Mom's in Salina; don't miss it!
30 January	18 degrees across Fishlake Mtns and San Rafael Swell.
		12 degrees on top of Vail Pass and at Eisenhower Tunnel.
		Home to Boulder.

Fotos start here.

Misc notes:
	Mr Bus's color should be "Death Valley yellow" rather than "ivory."
	Tecopa Hot Springs-yes!  (Thanks to one of Roadcow's trip reports!)
	Good showers at Furnace Creek Ranch.  $2.
	The burgers at the snack room at Scotty's Castle are great--went
	back for a second!
	Not so good to go alone in an 18 year-old vehicle.  Raises the
	caution about remote backroads up to parnoia.  Two people or 
	two vehicles would be better.  Of course Mr Bus performed
	flawlessly.  :-)

Nat'l Park Service Death Valley web site