May 2008

Time for a non-Syncro road trip--'88 Porsche Carrera--
to North and South Dakota.  Why?  Well, one state Susie
had not visited was North Dakota:

Now she only needs Delaware and Alaska. ;-)
Besides, I spent part of two summers in Bismarck and was last there in May, 1970. Time to re-visit.
There was still snow in the high country of the Black Hills along US 85, and still drifts in the coulees in NW South Dakota. At the North Dakota badlands, no snow, but still cool.

South unit of Theodore Rooseveldt Nat'l Park, at Medora:

Weather was improving with the end of showers.

Three old guys off by themselves:

At about 2000 lbs, they go where they want:


Nice view of the Little Missouri River running very full on the way back into Medora: