May 2008

On to Bismarck, where I easily found two houses where my
parents lived in the 60s.  I couldn't find the third and
don't remember the address.  Bismarck has more than doubled
since I was last there.  But a visit and tour of the state
capitol was fun--it is a different capitol with a different
attitude.  Security?  Just walk in and take the elevator
to the 18th floor observation area--or, indeed, any floor.
Only entering the supreme court chamber is there a metal

Oh, and they still leave their cars running while shopping
in the winter.  I asked.  [One winter in the 60s, Bismarck
had 30 days below zero inside 90 days below freezing....]

Then backroads from Bismarck to the Black Hills.  Lots of
pheasants along the roads.  Even quite a few turkeys out
in the open grasslands, which surprised me.  The park
in Lemmon was even more of a surprise: