April 26-April 30, 2007

	The Syncro Brothers--Moab (again)

	Bob Stevens and I planned to meet near Moab
and do some back roads and camping.  No mtn biking this
year--my shoulder wasn't ready just yet....

On the way into Moab, I took the Cisco exit and looked
for where the Dolores River actually empties into the Colorado--
about a mile above Dewey Bridge--easy to miss down on the highway.

The cacti were blooming up on the hill above the highway.

I arrived in Moab in mid-afternoon; Bob wasn't leaving SLC until 9pm. So I (a) got a brownie at the bakery on the main drag; (b) checked Milt's to the alarming sign that said "CLOSED--the cook had surgery" but was relieved to further read "open Friday".... Then I went down the Kane Creek Road to hike up Hunter Canyon--claimed to be one of the few streams that runs clear all year.

Lots of flowers blooming along Hunter Creek, too.

Late afternoon, so I hoofed it fast a couple of miles up Hunter Creek-- looking for the second side canyon and an arch. Well, after 2.5 miles, I turned around.

It was beautiful, but no arch. Back at the Syncro I more carefully read the hiking trail brouchure I picked up-- to see that the arch was up Negro Bill Canyon--no arch up Hunter Creek....

On to the next adventure....