April 27-30, 2007

I went back up the Kane Creek Road, across the river, down
the Potash Road to the mouth of Long Canyon and pulled off and
set up camp--popped the top--and expected to Bob to drive in
at 1 am.  I woke in the morning and thought--no Bob--but when
I peeked through my front curtain--there was Passion Flower
about 50' away.  I never heard him drive up, thanks to Ambien....

We headed up Long Canyon--Pucker Pass--that we had driven last
year.  We had to do it again, because he had deleted all his
digital pix....  Here I am under the BIG ROCK:

Above the rock, where the canyon narrows, it is steep and--this year--rough on one side, sandy on the other. Two tries and I didn't make it. Some Jeeps appeared above, so (of course) I HAD to make it. Third try was the charm. Bob cruised up--he has 16" tires and a diff lock. I have wimpy stock 14" tires and no diff lock, but, hey, a Syncro can do it, no?
We went into Moab to Milt's--remember "open Friday" ;-) Then up into Arches to the Delicate Arch turnoff. At the end, the road contines as a 4wd road out to the east of the Nat'l Park--Cache Wash. Here is Delicate Arch after we left the pavement:
If you look closely, you can see all the little park adventurers on the horizon near the arch.

Cache Wash is part road, part track, part wash, all mixed up. Here is one of the rougher places in the wash:

One of the crossings of the wash:

...until a final climb out of the wash that made us turn around. Well, Bob made it, but I decided not to try with my baby tires and no diff lock.
Oh, anyway, it was about the end of the road and there were no good camping places....
Here's Bob coming back down into the wash--and scratching his bumper:

On to the next adventure....