Syncro Safari, Moab '08
               March 23-29, 2008

The 10th anniversary Syncro Safari was held in Moab, just as the first Syncro Safari in April '98. This year camping was at Big Bend Campground about 7 miles upriver from Moab--a great place for our big group. [For photos of the '98 Safari, see]

Monday 11 Syncros headed out, up river, to the Top of the World trail--also driven at the first Syncro Safari in '98.

Syncros By the Bridge--that's Dewey Bridge.

Heading up lower Top of the World trail--El Jefe:

Bob Stevens in Passion Fruit:

Oops--breakdown. El Jefe had a sudden incontinence problem. Serge jumped under and found it was one of the little elbow coolant hoses on the oil cooler squirting. Luckily, I had a brand new spare. Even more luckily, Serge and Jack knew what to do and had the tools. One hour later, we were back on the trail.

Further on, some strange snow creatures:

At a really eroded, steep part, we watched Tom get up, then Jonathon smash a tire. Too much--a couple of us turned back down. The rest came in to camp at 9 pm. They all made it to the top, but there was another bashed tire and Jack broke both rear axles at the same time. Too much torque in that diesel!
On to the next adventure....