San Rafael Swell, Utah
		    May 2008

Time for another Syncro trip with the Syncro Brothers--
plus  friend Stephen from Boulder with a 4x4 pop-up camper.

First, a stop at Exit 2, I-70 Colorado, Rabbit Valley,
where Bob and I have had some great camping and biking--
we call it the "mouse campsite"....
(scroll down midway)
But on the N side of I-70 is Trail Through Time, a dinosaur excavation area. I had to check it out, since I have two (soon 3) grandsons who will want to visit it.

Here's the display board and one of the sites where they excavate in the summer. After the winter, it just looks like a "borrow pit."

Stephen and I were headed west separately, and Bob was coming in later. Stephen and I met exactly on-time in front of Ray's in Green River for a great burger, then headed up to the beginning of the Green River Cutoff.
When we woke up in the morning, Bob was in the middle.

We headed west on the Green River Cutoff--an old road that connects Green River and Castle Dale area without having to swing N through Price. It was also the route of the Spanish Trail 'twixt Santa Fe and southern California, and an initial route when the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad was going to built to the west coast in 1882 or so. After grading (weak term!) many miles, "management" decided to go for Salt Lake City and it was abandoned and the RR headed to Price from Green River. For more, see,

Think about getting from Santa Fe to southern California! Where do you avoid the Grand Canyon area? Where do you avoid the Apaches? Where do you cross the Colorado and Green Rivers? You'll come to the same route they did!

In the middle of the Green River Cutoff, you reach a flatter area, dominated by Cedar Mesa on the north.

Swinging off the Cutoff road back to the NE, you come to the west end of the RR grade.

After a little bit, you realize it really does look like an old RR grade.

Then even more: