San Rafael Swell
	   May 2008

The D&RG RR did some serious grading--only to be abandoned.
Kelsey identifies some stone huts used by Chinese laborers,
but we didn't get to them.

Heading S we had to cross a rocky wash. The road crosses and recrosses the old RR grade. Think of riding through this country, gazing out of the dining car window while having lunch on a white table cloth! (I remember doing just about that on the old California Zephyr between Oakland and Denver in the early 60s....)

The RR exploration ended us back on the Green River Cutoff Road at just the right point to head S on the southern part of the RR grade and the Tidwell Draw area to the Buckmaster Draw road. Mid-way we stopped at the Smith Ranch--developed in the 30s but abandoned when oil exploration seismic exploration caused the water to dry up.

The Smith's stable building, built with dove tail log construction.

Their root cellar, converted by pack rats into a maternity hospital.