Vanagon Syncro Propshaft Alignment

 			     Richard A Jones
                            Boulder, Colorado

		            1 September 2008

	This web article is to document completely what I have learned about
Syncro propshafts and my experiences in fighting vibrations caused by them.
It is my intention that this article will contain everything (and more!) in
the various lengthy posts to the Vanagon and Syncro lists--so that everything
will be here in one place.

	First, what are we talking about?  The Syncro propshaft that connects
the tranny and the front diff.

VW calls it the propshaft because they call the four half-axles "driveshafts."
Something to note on this illustrations--the nuts and bolts. The nuts are identified "M8X1-Stover." Google "stover nut" and you'll learn that they are a kind of self-locking nut--there is a top extention on the nut that is smashed into an oval shape.
According to the Stover Lock Nut is also known as Automation Lock Nuts, Autolock Nuts, Crownlock Nuts, Unitorque Nuts. "Stover Lock Nuts are one piece, all metal prevailing torque hex lock nuts. They are resuable and can withstand high temperatures, shock and vibration."